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How to Ace an In Class Essay

Provided with around three hours or less, each minute flying by quicker than the last, and one dreadful essay prompt swimming in your vision.

What should you not do?

Panic.  Which inadvertently always worsens the situation; making in class essays perhaps one of the most dreaded types of academic task. To top it off, the prompt is something you can’t most of the times prepare for because it is unseen.

how to prepare for an essay exam

How do you tackle ace, such a seemingly dreadful situation?

Well for starters, you control your panic. Calm yourself down. A panicked brain is as good as a dead one. You will accomplish nothing unless you reign in your emotions.

Next, go prepared beforehand. We know the essay will be unseen but it won’t be out of the scope of your coursework. The professors know the limitations and expect your work accordingly.

Give your course material a skim, extract the important arguments, concepts, etc.

how to study for essay exams in college

Anything your professor may have highlighted in the lectures you may think is relevant.

Practice brainstorming. Prior to the day of the task, exercise and prepare yourself for the upcoming essay by writing a couple of short “warm ups.” You will recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Feeling confident?

Challenge yourself by setting up a time limit.

Time yourself in such a manner that you can spend the last five or six minutes, (or however long it takes you) to proofread your essay. Fill in any missing punctuations etc.

how to study for an essay exam history

Invest in getting an essay writing help. If you have been given a list of potential topics, it may be worthwhile to hire custom essay writing services, if only to get an idea of how an essay is formatted.
This may make all the difference between a great and a not so great essay.

Identify the various types of essay prompts. For example, you must know how to attempt a rhetorical prompt. (In such cases, the conclusion is already given and you are asked to analyze the argument, and defend your opinion)

how to study for essay exams in university

If you are not confident in your abilities and want original samples to read, again, an essay writing company may be your best bet.

These are a couple of outlines we believe will prove to be helpful if followed, no matter what your major is.

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