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Compare And Contrast Essay: Useful Tips

If you have been given a compare and contrast essay to complete, the chances are that you will be looking for all the help you can get. It isn’t all that surprising to know that compare and contrast essays can get a little tricky, especially when you are working with two extraordinarily similar and specific topics. In some cases, you might also be confused about whether to focus on differences or similarities, and that can take up valuable time, resulting in nothing. Compare and contrast essays need a lot of mental effort to analyze the topics in detail. If you have a little too much on your hands at the moment and are looking for some good essay help, be sure to reach reputable and credible companies to get the best results.

Alternatively, you can see our tips listed below and do your essay yourself. After all, there is nothing that can replace the personal touch.

Select the Best Topics

Arguably the best tip we can give, choosing a good topic to write on can make the difference between a good or mediocre article. You want to select a topic that you are confident to write on, and having enough relevant data. You need to pick two subjects having the same background but a difference in their approach and methodologies.

Separate Their Characteristics

Start by taking two pages and label one-page “similarities,” and the other “differences”. Then, form the characteristics you have written down on the previous paper, start sorting them out into these two categories. It is best to start with the apparent similarities and differences, and then moving outwards towards the finer prints.

Of these two papers, you should always make sure to write these similarities in a parallel way. Avoid the temptation to sort everything first and then do the pairing, as that can lead to confusion and lost marks. This approach also yields a balanced and comprehensive essay, allowing you to figure out if one thing outweighs the other.

Then, if the two subjects in question are found to have more differences, you can make contrasting the main focus. However, you can make comparing the main focus if the similarities are more significant.

Picking the Right Layout

Based on the paragraphs, there are two ways through which you can arrange and organize the differences and similarities in a compare and contrast essay. There are two ways you can do this. First, you can make two paragraphs with each sentence being a point of similarity of difference. This way, each section will be about a single subject.

On the other hand, you can also arrange these differences and similarities from both subjects in one paragraph. In this case, the number of sections will be equal to the number of differences and similarities.

The former option is better as it is space efficient and appears more comprehensive. However, the latter option is more refined and easier to follow, albeit lacking the flow a traditional paragraph has.

Use Appropriate Transition Words

Whenever you make a point of difference or similarity, you must remember to use the appropriate wording to state their significance. These words, such as “however” “likewise” “on the other hand” help your readers comprehend and accurately feel the relationship you are trying to portray. These words have the potential to make your essay feel refreshing, informative and exciting.

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