5 Steps To Delivering An Impressive Narrative Essay

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5 Steps To Delivering An Impressive Narrative Essay

Compared to other kinds of written pieces, the feeling of reading a grand narrative is like no other. It doesn’t matter if you read a description in comics or novels, as it provides its readers with a personal and invoking feel nonetheless. Narrative essays are designed to voice your opinions and experiences to your target readers and guide them to make their conclusions. A narrative essay needs to take its readers on a trip through time, to the event or place you’re narrating.

Your narrative doesn’t necessarily have to be your own experience though, as you can even write a description for someone else’s experience too. The main thought behind an essay is to change your reader’s perspectives on the matter in question. In case you find yourself lost in the process, you can look towards works from the best American and British Essay Writers for inspiration. Alternatively, you can see our top 5 steps to write narrative essays down below if you want to impress and charm your readers.

Be Flexible In Word Choice

When writing narrative essays, you want to make sure that you do it in a way that allows your readers to form a connection with you. This connection can be established by the use of ordinary and straightforward language and is ideally used with all the slangs and expressions you use in your daily life. Your essay must never adopt a robotic or mechanized feel, instead opting for a more human, relatable feeling. Another thing to keep clear of is writing in a passive tone.

Write As You Experienced It

All narrative essays must be written in the way you experienced the event. Instead of writing in a dull, reporting voice, try to have a more active approach and describe the situation using first-person terms like “I”. For example, instead of saying: You enter a barber shop and see a man to your right, you can say: I entered a barber shop, and a man was to my right. This approach allows readers to put themselves in your shoes and makes it easy for them to visualize things.

Always Avoid Complex Words

Your main focus when writing an essay is to get your message across to your readers as clearly as possible. Therefore, it would be excellent if you avoided any problematic words and compositions. You need to make sure that all your ideas and descriptions are separated cleanly into proper sentences, allowing your readers to understand and remember things easily.

Don’t Over-Describe Things

It may seem enticing to write your narrative essay in great detail. After all, the more richly detailed your essay is the stronger the impact on your readers will be, right? That fact is true. However, you must remember that any event described into too much detail often tends to be diluted and its intended feelings lost. That’s why you must always place yourself in the place of your readers to see whether a paragraph or sentence needs any more clarification or not.

Write To Explain, Not To Confuse

Narrative essays are among the more laid back forms of writing. As such, your readers will be going over your piece in a similar tone. By reading your article in a relaxed way, any complicated and confusing parts encountered will be glossed over. It would be highly problematic if you were to reference these complex parts later in the text, as that would make the readers go back and disrupt their flow. Hence, all information and descriptions must be given as you write along.

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